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If the population is not properly represented in the survey or if response rates are low, biases may be introduced that can invalidate the spin survey results. Without limiting the foregoing, the outstanding principal amount of the BT Interest Rate Swap, the CB Interest Rate Swap and the Palace Swap at any time shall be equal to the amount (not less than zero) estimated in good faith by the respective Lender party thereto as the amount, calculated pursuant to Section Interest Rate Swap and the CB Interest Rate swap) and Section which would be owed to such respective Lender as of such time if an Early Termination Date (as defined in such respective agreements) occurred as of such date and assuming the Obligor thereof is the Defaulting Party (as defined in such respective agreements) (casinos). But our record, sadly, is not a proud one, nor even one of measured success, and whether we play may like it or not, the conduct of gaming on Indian lands has begun, in a few areas, to effect a change in these conditions to some degree.

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