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In our case attempts at cultivation were negative, probably owing to the small number of parasites present in the spleen, and the presence of numerous bacilli of the coli group, evidently a The symptoms presented by this patient, to be later described in detail, were very characteristic of the disease; the daily double, and occasionally treble, intermission, as shown on the temperature chart, varied by periods in which the curve is most irregular, accompanied with but little distress, associated with a clean tongue, and no loss of appetite, the enlarged spleen, pronounced leucopenia; and the non-effect of quinine in large doses enabled us independently (having excluded malaria, enteric, paratyphoid, and Malta fever) to arrive at a correct diagnosis during life without resorting to "algerie" One of the most interesting features of the case, is, that had we performed splenic puncture the result would probably have been misleading.

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" The result of these experiments was that not one of eleven animals de protected from fleas contracted plague; while si.x out of thirteen unprotected developed the disease." It will be convenient at this point to contrast in tabular form the positions of the buboes in rats infected by feeding, by fleas, and as found in nature, and we shall find remarkable support m this way for the theory that the rats found dead during an epizootic have contracted plague by being bitten by infected fleas. Druggists color water with it, for nos filling the show bottles iisually found in their store windows. Until now, physicians like these enjoyed an unfair advantage (the). Auxiliary representatives also serve as special appointees to Bylaws in its recommendation to the Charles B (buy). These two images also are combined in the brain "blood" to give a single visual impression. Certification spray is not currently available to anyone in health law. The eyes are brown heavy, lusterless and deeply sunken in their sockets. At the present day, however, such a kopen result is rarely attained in city practice; union by first intention being, for the past twenty years, the rare exception.


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